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What Is a Hard Money Lender? It’s Not as Scary as You Think

by on August 26th, 2016 Leave a Comment

The term “hard money lender” may conjure up visions of crooked-nosed guys who’ll cut off your pinkie finger if you flake on making prompt payments. But you can rest assured—these professionals aren’t thugs. In fact, these lenders fill a legitimate niche in the housing market for quick home loans. So, what exactly is a hard money lender? First, […]


What Is a Loan-to-Value Ratio? It’s the Key to Getting a Good Mortgage

by on August 25th, 2016 Leave a Comment

If you’re buying a home and apply for a mortgage, one critical factor in whether you secure financing is your loan-to-value ratio. So what exactly is this LTV ratio? An LTV ratio is simply the amount of money you borrow from your lender, divided by the purchase price of the home, expressed as a percentage. For example, let’s say the home you have your […]


Should Sellers Hire a Home Inspector, Too? The Pros and Cons of Pre-inspection

by on August 24th, 2016 Leave a Comment

Every home buyer knows hiring a home inspector to check out a property before closing is a good idea. In fact, a home inspection is often a requirement for a mortgage. The trickier question is this: Should home sellers also hire a home inspector to conduct a pre-inspection? That’s where you have an inspector scrutinize your property for problems before […]

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    Dinner at Barberito's Warner Robins

    Central Georgia LGBT Meetup

    Time to get together again for dinner. Since nothing was scheduled for August, I'm scheduling something for September. So come on out for a burrito and beer.