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Author: Joe Barbee

Oops! 5 Mortgage Moves You May Not Realize You Need to Do

Getting a mortgage is easy, right? You’ve seen the TV commercials and the billboard ads touting promises like, “Get approved for a mortgage today!” Well, sorry to break the news, but the reality is that obtaining a home loan isn’t just one mouse click or phone call away. There are a number of hoops to jump […]

How Long Should You Live in Your Home? 6 Signs It’s Time to Move On

Ten years. That’s the average amount of time a homeowner stays in a house, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Think that sounds shockingly short? Or way too long? The fact is, people’s reasons for selling their home are different, as are their time frames. Still, there are some common threads—financial and emotional—that lead us […]

4 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got an FHA Loan

A few years back, my husband and I were growing out of our two-bedroom, 850-square-foot rental in St. Petersburg, FL. We had one child, one cat, and lots of stuff. In short, it was time to move. We didn’t think we were ready to buy, but a friend (it always starts with a friend, doesn’t […]

5 Mortifying Reasons Mortgage Applications End Up in the ‘Reject’ Pile

Picture this nightmare: You apply for a mortgage, but your application gets rejected. Suddenly, you’re hit with an overwhelming wave of embarrassment, shock, and horror. It’s like having your credit card denied at the Shoprite. So. Much. Shame. Sadly, this is a reality for some home buyers. According to a recent Federal Reserve study, one out […]

6 Home-Selling Mistakes That Make Real Estate Agents Cringe

Not everyone has a knack for salesmanship, and this can become painfully apparent when homeowners try to sell their homes. Want proof? Just ask real estate agents—who are hired expressly to lend their home-selling expertise, often to no avail. Try as they may to get their point across, sometimes home sellers just don’t listen. Some […]

Here’s the Very Best Real Estate Advice of July—Decided by You

As we say a fond farewell to July, it’s worth acknowledging that, despite being prime home-selling season, it can in fact be a challenge trying to show or renovate a place between fireworks on the 4th and weekend barbecues. And now that there’s only one official month of summer left, those who are determined to cross a real estate […]