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Author: Joe Barbee

What Is a Transaction Fee and Who Pays It?

Of the many fees associated with buying a house, one that’s often overlooked is the transaction fee. While it’s not as pricey as the commission, the transaction fee is a notable chunk of change that must be paid by either the buyer or the seller to offset the costs of processing paperwork. What is a transaction fee? Also known as “broker […]

Selling a Rental Property? 4 Crucial Points to Consider

We’ve discussed the process of selling a house you live in, but selling a rental property is an entirely different bird. For tax purposes, a rental house or condo is considered an investment property, which makes the sale a bit more complicated. When you sell a rental it can be subject to different taxes and rules than […]

Can Halloween Help You Sell Your House? 3 Spooky Sales Tricks to Try Right Now

Halloween isn’t just an opportunity to gorge on all things frightful or filled with sugar. It’s also a chance for home sellers to scare up a buyer! Because these days, home sellers need as much marketing creativity as they can muster up. Now that the summer home-selling fever has died down, people are beginning to hunker down for […]

Was Your Offer to Buy a House Accepted If the Listing Disappears or Changes?

That seemingly endless waiting period when you’re on pins and needles to find out if your offer to buy a house has been accepted can be more than a bit stressful. In an ideal world, the seller would notify you within 24 hours if your offer is accepted, rejected, or being countered. In reality, getting word from the seller can take […]

Secured vs. Unsecured Loan: What’s the Difference?

Secured versus unsecured loan: If you’re Googling this phrase, odds are you’re immersed in the process of looking for a loan, and need some clarification on the difference between these two types. So here’s the deal: A secured loan means you put up something of value as a promise you’ll pay the loan back. An unsecured loan requires no […]

Don’t Budge: 7 Compromises You Should Never Make When Buying a Home

Every successful home search begins with a wish list. Armed with your inventory of must-haves, you’ll know how to focus your search and recognize a potential home that isn’t worth your time. Still, there’s a strange thing that seems to happen when you’re deep in the trenches of house hunting: The more you look, the longer that wish […]

In a Home Trust, How Does One Beneficiary Buy Out the Others?

Inheriting property from a home trust—whether it’s from a parent or other benefactor—can be a fortunate but complex situation. It’s likely that someone close to you has passed away, so emotional distress could cloud your judgment and inhibit you from making a clear-headed decision about what to do with the property. Plus, if multiple people inherit the home, […]

Contingent Offers Are Useful for Buyers, but Will They Turn Off Sellers?

If we made a contingent offer, can we still lose the house? If this is a question you’ve been mulling over, welcome to the challenge of selling one home while purchasing another! When homeowners decide it’s time to move to another house, they face the quandary of deciding whether to wait until their old place sells before looking for a […]

Real Estate Agents Reveal the Toughest Home Buyers They’ve Ever Met

Real estate agents have the pleasure (or sometimes misfortune) of working with an array of home buyers—some good, some bad, and some who drive them totally bonkers. Of course, as is the case with most annoying people, these buyers probably had little self-awareness of the pain they were inflicting. And since it’s never wise to get on the wrong […]