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5 Reasons Why Buying an Old House Is a Great Idea

We understand the appeal of moving into a newly constructed home. After all, it’s hard not to be enticed by brand-new appliances, floors, and heating, cooling, and electrical systems. Plus, buying an old place that needs work can be intimidating, especially for those of us whose only brush with restoring a house has come from watching reruns […]


How to Terminate a Buyer’s Agent Agreement

No matter how carefully you look for the right real estate agent, sometimes this relationship just doesn’t work out. Yet before you can find another professional to help you buy a home, you will have to know how to terminate the buyer’s agent agreement—the contract between you and your real estate representative. “If you signed […]


How to Make a Backup Offer on a Sale-Pending Home

If you think a home marked “sale pending” is off-limits, think again. Yes, this label means that the buyer and seller have negotiated an accepted purchase contract, but things happen—and sales can fall through. For that reason, there’s no harm in making a backup offer. “If a buyer is in love with a particular home […]


Should You Save for Retirement or Buy a House? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Buying a house is a large financial commitment and often the smartest one you can make. But you need to determine whether it’s the right commitment at the right time. Because this is the big picture: Shouldering mortgage payments for the greater part of your life will likely affect how much money you’re able to stash away for […]


7 Unexpected (but Worthwhile) Headaches of Becoming a Homeowner

There’s a reason they call homeownership the American dream. We save and save just for the hope of one day having a place to really, truly call our own—a space to decorate how we want, to grow our family, and to create memories. But for all its upsides, homeownership comes with its fair share of headaches. […]


5 Crucial Questions Home Buyers Should Ask Sellers Before Moving In

Moving into a home you’ve just bought is exciting—and sometimes exasperating. That’s because, although you might love your new place, you don’t know it all that well—which means that sooner or later, you’re bound to end up in a situation where you’re floundering cluelessly with the circuit breaker, or petting a neighbor’s seemingly adorable Pomeranian who nearly nips off […]


What Is Price-Reduced Real Estate? Score a House for a Fraction of the Price

When a home has been on the market for a while, sellers might decide to slash the asking price to attract an eager buyer. But you can’t exactly slap a sign that says “10% off” on a house. Instead, when a property is headed to the bargain basement, the industry term “price-reduced” pops up next to […]


What Happens After You Make an Offer on a House?

Making an offer on a house—much like a marriage proposal—is equally exciting and anxiety-inducing. After spending quality time browsing listings, hitting up open houses, and obsessively fiddling with mortgage payment calculators, you’ve finally found the house you want to spend the rest of your life with. You and your real estate agent put together your offer, aiming […]


Want to Roll Your Student Loans Into Your Mortgage? Here’s What to Consider

It’s a question as old as debt itself: Should I pay off one loan with another loan? “Debt reshuffling,” as it’s known, has garnered a bad reputation because it often amounts to just trading one debt problem for another. So it’s no wonder the news that Fannie Mae would make it easier for homeowners to […]


5 Painful Lessons People Learned Selling Their Home

Selling a home should be a joyous process—where you show off your digs to enamored buyers who shower you with offers that far surpass what you paid for the place originally. That’s the dream, anyway. And yet, all too often, the home-selling process is fraught with pain, surprises, and no small amount of post-sale regrets. As proof, peruse these […]

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