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    Barbee Dream Homes - Real Estate Group - Elite Realtors of Georgia - For-Sale-by-Owner, or FSBO, transactions are commonly seen in seller’s markets or whenever homeowners want to maximize their profits by not having to pay commission. However, statistics show that selling your home with the assistance of a professional real estate agent will garner you a higher pro ...Read More

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    Barbee Dream Homes - Real Estate Group - Elite Realtors of Georgia - Barbee Dream Homes Team - Featured Home of The Day All Brick New Construction, granite counter tops throughout, Stainless steel appliances, 2 pantries, island/breakfast bar, open floor plan, coat closet, separate laundry room, smooth ceiling and designer colors! Hardwood, tile and carpet flooring. ...Read More

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    Barbee Dream Homes - Real Estate Group - Elite Realtors of Georgia - Thanks to this chicken fajitas crockpot recipe, the meat is sooo tender and the only effort I put into it is dicing up the veggies and throwing everything in the crockpot. So easy right?! Click the link below to keep reading! #BarbeeDreamHomes #EliteRealtorsofGeorgia

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    Barbee Dream Homes - Real Estate Group - Elite Realtors of Georgia - When you hire a real estate agent to sell your home, there are obvious things you notice them doing to help your house sell. Things like: hosting open houses, bringing potential buyers on home tours, and marketing your property in multiple ways to make sure it gets enough exposure. Click the link be ...Read More

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    Let’s say you’ve found your dream home online, but the status is “active contingent.” What does that mean, and is it still up for grabs? Does the “active” part of “active contingent” mean that the house can still be yours? Read on for some explanation into this listing status and insight into making an offer. […]


    Buying a Flipped House? Ask These 6 Questions First

    If you’ve ever binge-watched HGTV, you may already have caught the home-flipping bug. The whole thing sounds so seductive: Buy a fixer-upper at a bargain price, renovate it fast, and sell. Doing so can be lucrative: According to RealtyTrac, the average flipped home in the U.S. is bought for $129,200 and turned around for $190,000. And if you’re […]


    What Are FHA-Approved Condos?

    Federal Housing Administration condominiums are properties that can be purchased using FHA loans—or loans that are insured by the FHA. What requirements must these condos meet to be approved by the FHA? And where should you go to search for available properties? The answers to these questions and more are below! What are FHA-approved condos? FHA condos are […]


    How to Sell a Mobile Home: A Guide on Financing, Price, and More

    Wondering how to sell a mobile home? For starters, you should know that these days, they’re called manufactured homes (but we’ll use both terms interchangeably since many people are more familiar with the original moniker). And while you might assume selling this type of home is just like selling a traditional home, it isn’t—and you’ll need to adjust your approach […]


    Buyer Blocks: 4 Factors Keeping Millennials From Owning a Home

    Since the market crash, many prospective first-time home buyers have been fighting an uphill battle on their path to homeownership. Certainly it isn’t for lack of trying. While millennials might be the largest group of first-time buyers, according to the NAR, they face a whole slew of daunting challenges before they can sign on the dotted line. And here’s the […]


    7 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector Before Your Home Inspection Even Begins

    What are some questions to ask a home inspector? Given this professional is charged with checking out a home for any flaws before you buy it, he’s an important safeguard who could protect you from purchasing a lemon—and squandering tons of cash in repairs. So, how do you separate a great home contractor from a merely good one? […]


    What Is a Storybook House? A Home Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

    What is a storybook house? It’s a quaint style of architecture known for its cottage-inspired sloping roof, turret, and other fanciful features. Also called fairy-tale homes, they essentially look like a family of elves or maybe Snow White herself would answer the door if you knocked. Although these houses evoke visions of the European countryside, this style […]


    How to Buy a House: 4 Ways to Purchase Faster and Smarter

    If you’re about to embark on the home-buying process, you want to know how to buy a house the quick and smart way. The process typically takes two to three months, but in a seller’s market with low inventory and strong buyer demand, it could take six months to a year—or longer. But what if you could cut that time […]


    7 Things to Never, Ever Do When Buying a Home

    Buying a home is exciting and terrifying. After all, this is the biggest financial move most people ever make. As such, there’s a lot of room for error, and even tiny mistakes can translate to tens of thousands of dollars. The lesson here: Even the most intrepid home buyer should get some guidance not only on what to do, but also […]


    Can You Buy a House Without Your Spouse? The Pros and Cons

    Can you buy a house without your spouse? That might seem like a weird and highly unromantic question, but there are plenty of reasons to ponder this possibility. Basically, this means that although you two might live in the home together, only you would technically “take title” to the property—a fancy way to say that you own it […]